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Has Scarlett Johansson had a Boob Job Plastic Surgery?

Scarlett Johansson is a successful actress, model and singer. She was groomed by her mother for her acting career from a very tender age by frequently trying out for TV commercial auditions. Her most popular films are; The Nanny Diaries, The Horse whisperer, He’s Just Not Into You, The Other Boleyn Girl and The Avengers. Ms Johansson is quite popular with the guys for all the right reasons. Her perfect face and huge man ogling breasts are among the many reasons of plastic surgery. She has consistently become more hot and beautiful, making the plastic surgery rumors continue gaining momentum.

Rumors on Scarlett Johansson boob job and nose procedure have greatly escalated in the past few years. Read more

Has Kourtney Kardashian Undergone a Boob Job?

Kourtney Kardashian before and after breast implants plastic surgery

Born on April 18, 1979, Kourtney Kardashian is a television personality, model and fashion designer born and raised in California, specifically in Los Angeles and is the sister to the now famous Kim Kardashian. Her media attention came to be through her personal friend Paris Hilton back then. Later in 2007, her family participated in the reality television show dubbed Keeping up with the Kardashians. The success of the show saw her get involved in other spin offs which added to her popularity and growth of her retail and fashion industries which in clued clothing and fragrance collections. Read more

Amanda Bynes After Boob Job Plastic Surgery

Amanda Bynes before and after pictures

Amanda Laura Bynes in April 3, 1986, Amanda Bynes is a former American actress with tremendous achievements in acting. Her break through as in late 90s in the ‘All That’ series and ‘The Amanda’ Show. She has starred in a number of television series and blockbuster movies and won numerous prestigious awards for her roles in them before retiring in 2012 from the acting Industry. Read more

Tara Reid Transformation After Breast Implants

Tara Reid breast augmentation gone wrong

When it comes to examples of poor boob jobs, it doesn’t get worse than a sartorial slip when attending a birthday party of a big music star, (talk about stealing the spotlight). Tara Reid, famous actress popular for her role in American pie, where she played a sexy yet sweet lady, was the unfortunate victim of a botched boob job. In her early 30’s, Tara decided to go for the best body money can buy.  Read more

Kelly Rowland Waited 10 Years to Get Breast Implants!

Kelly Rowland before and after breast implants

Finally Kelly Rowland came clean about her going under the knife. The former destiny’s child star told shape magazine that after waiting for 10 years she finally made the decision to boost her boob situation. The reason the star waited that long to get a boob job was because her mother and guess who else? Beyonce’s mother! Advised her not to take the enhancing surgery when she first thought of the idea. Read more

Mariah Carey Breast Implants

Mariah Carey breast implants

Born on March 27, 1970, Mariah Carey has grown to be one of the best female singers and song writers the world over. In addition to having a great vocal range and performance power, Mariah is a beautiful woman and has many awards under her name. She has made some of the best hits to ever hit the charts and has a wide base of fans all over the world. As she excels in her music, there are visible changes that have been witness on her body and many people wonder if she has had plastic surgeries or it is all about exercise and dieting. Celebrity breast implants articles point to the fact that proves a boob job. Mariah has always been in the forefront defending herself and discrediting the allegations that she has used surgery to enhance her looks. A lot of people still hold to the rumors and media speculations that Mariah could have had a breast implants to improve her looks especially after the birth of her children. Read more

Farrah Abraham Looking Great After Breast Implants Plastic Surgery

Farrah Abraham sexy mom

When it comes to teen moms and porn stars, they don’t come any better than Farrah Abraham. This young mother underwent her fourth complete cosmetic surgery in a period that is less than 3 years on June 3. Farrah had her second boob job to upgrade her then saline implants to breast silicone, and added a full cup size to her breasts. Her surgeon Dr. David Finkle, who is based in Omaha performed the procedure at a cost of 7,145 dollars. Read more

Miley Cyrus Boob Job

Miley Cyrus alleged boob job and nose job plastic surgery

Born Destiny Hope Cyrus in November 23, 1992, Miley Ray Cyrus is an American recording artist and actress who has become popular in the acting and music industries. Miley is the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus, a country singer and became famous in playing minor roles in the televisions series ‘Big Fish’ and ‘Doc’. She later became popular around the world through appearing in ‘Hannah Montana’, a television series in the Disney channel where she was the main character Miley Stewart. She then joined the music industry has since been releasing hit singles and albums that have done very well globally. Read more

Has Kaley Cuoco Got Breast Implants?

Kaley Cuoco before and after breast implants photos

Kaley Cuoco is the super hot cutie that the geeks in “The Big Bang Theory” are always drooling after. As much as many may dispute this, there are some changes in this amazing actress’s bra size. All you have to do is take a closer look at the actress’s before and after photos and you will note a significant difference over time. Read more

Are Michelle Keegan’s Breasts Real?

Michelle Keegan FHM

Michelle Elizabeth Benson Keegan is a 26 years old British actress known to the public by her first and last name, Michelle Keegan. Keegan has had few works in TV and film, but she is mostly famous for her role in the popular soap opera “Coronation Street”, as Tina McIntyre. She was has been on the show since 2008 and is set to depart in 2014. Michelle has been elected “Sexiest Female” in several polls and awards shows over the years, and she has dated a few famous men, most notably singer Max George from boyband “The Wanted”. Michelle became engaged to “The Only Way Is Essex” star Mark Wright in 2013. Read more

Did Kim Kardashian had a Breast Implants Surgery?

Kim Kardashian breast implants

Kim Kardashian has been popular as an American socialite. Her father is a prominent lawyer. Hence, being under media scrutiny has not been new for this girl. As with every celebrity, Kim Kardashian became a good subject for gossip, speculation and rumors. Kim has been under the lens of paparazzi and journalists for a long time. She had been often seen visiting plastic surgeons. Therefore, no one was surprised when news about Kim Kardashian boob job was released to the public. Read more

Did Christina Hendricks Plastic Surgery Has Made Her a Star?

Christina Hendricks plastic surgery before and after

Christina Hendricks is famous American actress that gained prominence for her role of Joan Harris in highly popular cable TV series Mad Men. She also played Saffron in FOX cult series Firefly. Hendricks has been nominated three times for Emmy, all three times for her excellent role on Mad Men. Esquire magazine named her the sexiest woman in the world in 2011, and men all over the world are crazy for her primarily because of her big bust. She is currently at the peak of her career. Her large breasts were always a speculation on topic of whether she had, or had not breast implants. But, her photos from 1999 in bikini surfaced to media, and it is obvious that she had some work done on her chest area. Read more

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