Amanda Bynes After Boob Job Plastic Surgery

Amanda Bynes before and after pictures

Amanda Laura Bynes in April 3, 1986, Amanda Bynes is a former American actress with tremendous achievements in acting. Her break through as in late 90s in the ‘All That’ series and ‘The Amanda’ Show. She has starred in a number of television series and blockbuster movies and won numerous prestigious awards for her roles in them before retiring in 2012 from the acting Industry.

Amanda Bynes boob job plastic surgeryAmanda Bynes has been a head line in the plastic surgery world with media speculations placing the number at 2 or 3 on her nose only. Amanda also had a boob job done on her sometime back but it seems she did not like what the surgeon did on her breasts and thus she had the implants taken out after a while. In her own words, Amanda said that breast implants was not comfortable and that she preferred the implants out. Rumors have it that Amada had some kind of complication after the breast surgery but she has since recovered. After having the implants, she posted a picture on twitter to flaunt her new breasts in a bra.

Close sources have indicated that the celebrity’s boob job was made complicated by a tube that got lodged in her breasts making it uncomfortable and painful for her. It is also claimed that after the reverse boob job, Amanda still looks as amazing as ever. It seems Amanda loves it under the knife because she has been to numerous surgeons to have body and face changed to a better look but the breast plastic surgery she underwent thinking that she would look good ended up being a disappointment.

It is always in the public opinion that celebrities are inclined towards surgery as long as they make them look the part they play. Confessions from Amanda Bynes shows that breast augmentation can be great but for some people they end up being an uncomfortable experience that they prefer being without the breast implants.

It is reported that most celebrities are addicted to plastic surgery such as a breast implants and once they go under the knife once, the trail never stops. Well, this has proved right for Amanda Bynes whose acting career has been overshadowed by the many legal and mental condition issues surrounding her life. Amanda seems to be having issues with her looks and body as she keeps seeking surgeon’s help to alter what she considers as insecure looks that she feels she must get rid of.

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