Christina Aguilera’s Breast Implants – The Secret Of Her Boobylicious Beauty

Did Christina Aguilera Get Breast Implants

Christina Aguilera is an eminent, talented and celebrated American singer, songwriter and television personality. She is noted for her powerful voice, melodious songs, incredible music videos and constant reinvention of her image. Christina Aguilera has always been the talk of the town ever since her breast implants. Celebrities always have a pressure to remain young, fit and ageless. So some famous stars go under the knife to achieve this boobylicious richness and beauty.

Christina Aguilera Breast ImplantsChristina Aguilera may be a popular and talented singer but the plastic surgery that she has undergone over the years makes her more conspicuous and constantly in the public eye. On her recent tour to Japan to promote the famous movie “Burlesque” Christina revealed a scar under her armpit which was the site of the implant incision. This scar was clearly visible when she waved to her fans in Japan in a press tour. This obvious scar leads to the speculation that the star has had a breast augmentation. However the singer has never commented on rumors about her breast implants. She has also not admitted about the breast augmentation surgery but viewers can detect many alarming changes in her physique. No wonder this legendary singer is the circle of media gossips due to her incredible and impressive looks.

At the beginning of her career as a singer she had very small breasts which now appear significantly bigger, rounder and fuller than before. Initially she had an A cup breast size but within a few years it became C size. Remember certain things cannot be hidden from the prying eyes of the press reporters and their cameras. After delivering a baby her breast size rose up to an astounding E size. The sudden change in the size and shape of the breast of the star made it clear that it was a result of silicon pad implantation. After some time her breast size reduced leading to a speculation that she has removed her breast implants. Still some say that delivering a baby and subsequent reduction in weight has made her figure and appearance more charming and seductive. However there is another group that denies this totally. They come up with a multitude of photos to validate their views and to evidence that the sudden drastic change is the result of the plastic surgery that she has undergone.

Plastic surgery experts admit that the scar under her armpit could be from a boob job only. However they say that the orientation of the scar is incorrect. Till now the celebrity has not publicly admitted about her plastic surgery procedure to enhance her breasts. Whatever might be the possible reason this celebrity looks impressive and has years of more music to make.

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