Did Christina Hendricks Plastic Surgery Has Made Her a Star?

Christina Hendricks plastic surgery before and after

Christina Hendricks is famous American actress that gained prominence for her role of Joan Harris in highly popular cable TV series Mad Men. She also played Saffron in FOX cult series Firefly. Hendricks has been nominated three times for Emmy, all three times for her excellent role on Mad Men. Esquire magazine named her the sexiest woman in the world in 2011, and men all over the world are crazy for her primarily because of her big bust. She is currently at the peak of her career. Her large breasts were always a speculation on topic of whether she had, or had not breast implants. But, her photos from 1999 in bikini surfaced to media, and it is obvious that she had some work done on her chest area.

Christina Hendricks boob jobIt is impossible to think that her breasts have enlarged so much for no apparent reason. However, Christina Hendricks completely dismissed all those boob surgery rumors, and said that those are just tabloid lies and speculations. In recent interview with Daily Mail she talked about her breast enlargement speculations, and said that it is really bizarre that people are frequently asking her if her breast are fake or real…

She then stated that it is more than obvious that they are real, and anyone who has ever touched women breast should know. But how possibly could she explain that her breasts are so unproportional with her body, and how can breasts triple their size in just a few years.

Popular Hollywood plastic surgeon Dr. J. Walden agreed with the fact that her chest is very unnatural and said she has hard time believing that she didn’t made any changed on her body. Walden said that even though she is voluptuous and attractive with naturally larger breasts, but after seeing some of her older photos Walden is certain that she enhanced her boobs and stated that whatever doctor did plastic surgery on her did a really great job.

Dr. Walden also noted that the bigger lack of space between her boobs is another indicator that she underwent a breast augmentation.

No matter if she has, or hasn’t had a boob job, no one can deny that Christina Hendricks is absolute sex symbol amongst men population. It is almost certain that Christina has underwent a breast augmentation, but her plastic surgeon did a really great job, because they seem so real, and maybe they are, no one can say that for sure.

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