Farrah Abraham Looking Great After Breast Implants Plastic Surgery

Farrah Abraham sexy mom

When it comes to teen moms and porn stars, they don’t come any better than Farrah Abraham. This young mother underwent her fourth complete cosmetic surgery in a period that is less than 3 years on June 3. Farrah had her second boob job to upgrade her then saline implants to breast silicone, and added a full cup size to her breasts. Her surgeon Dr. David Finkle, who is based in Omaha performed the procedure at a cost of 7,145 dollars.

Farrah Abraham boob job Farrah decided to upgrade her breasts less than three days after turning 22, which is the FDA’s minimal age requirement for a woman to undergo surgery for silicone breast implants. She said that she decided to have the upgrade because her previous implant (Saline) felt like large water balloons and she wanted to acquire a more natural look.

 Farrah a single mom to 4 year old Sophia with Derek Underwood, and teen star underwent her first surgery 2011 after having her first child. She said that after having her child, her boobs went away and this really did a number on her self-esteem. So she decided to have a breast implants and went from an A to a C. She was temporarily sated by this upgrade and raved about how great she looked and felt.. However, when she turned 22, she decided she needed some extra size.

 However, that is not the only job that Farrah has undergone. In 2012, she underwent a successful nose job and a chin implant from a renowned cosmetic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer. These two surgeries cost her about 16,000 dollars, but this teen star has spent more than 30,000 $ on her surgeries. This does not seem to be the end, however, and Farrah has not ruled out more cosmetic surgery in the future. She admits that there is pain attributed to the procedures, but this is to be expected. She said that after her last surgery she could not pick up her daughter, or even work out for a month. But in case she ever had a freak accident that required her to get some work done, or had more children, or simply began to show signs of aging, it is very clear that this reality star will not hesitate to go under the knife again.

Interestingly, for this star her plastic surgeries or sex tape are not the most alarming thing about her. Apparently, she also gets turned on from watching herself on the video. In fact, she has gone on record on the radio, admitting that she has satisfied herself sexually severally while watching her videos. Talk about a woman who is not ashamed of how good she is.

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