Hayden Panettiere Boob Job Might Not Be a Rumor Anymore

Hayden Panettiere before and after breast implants

Hayden Panettiere is not only an American model, singer and actress but also a supposed boob job recipient. The gorgeous big screen heartthrob is in her early twenties with almost a dozen awards under her belt. She is also dating the heavyweight boxing world champion, Wladimir Klitschko, with whom she was basking by the beach, showing off her beautiful half-naked body.

Hayden Pannitierre Boob JobHayden Panettiere breast implants were evident when she hit the beach in Miami sometimes ago. Photos of the beautiful actress flaunting her perfect curves in a wet fuchsia bikini sparked wild rumors that she had gone under the knife. In the same weekend, she hit the waves again, this time in a fringed two-piece with the muscular world boxing champion and rumored fiancé by her side.

Clearly, the fact that many think Hayden boob job did happen is undeniable as she appeared bustier than she was a couple of years back. Between alleged secret engagements and suspected breast augmentation, Panettiere clearly is lousy at keeping things secret. Her body was all over the beach as she smiled, gave peace symbols and smiled to the hungry cameras in the awesome Miami sun.

Since 2010, the rumor has been that Hayden implants has taken place and she had gone from A to C cup. Judging from her Miami pictures, it might not be “alleged” anymore. The actress is super small and the obvious enhancements could not go unnoticed. In fact, looking at her old pictures from around 2008 gives a better assessment. The boob job appears tactful and not bigger or out of control since anything larger would make them look like Dolly Parton’s due to her small stature.

While Hayden Panettiere breast plastic surgery was obvious in Miami, it is worth noting from the images she had stretches of cellulite at only 23. However, her body is anything but perfect amidst inches of cellulite and anyone freaking out over their own body should perhaps have a drink and relax. If the “Nashville” star is anything to go by, cellulite is natural. Perhaps she does not like pictures showing her two opposite sides but she will get over it if she has not already. She also has a giant boxer as a fiancé, ultimately freaking cool and unbelievable, considering how the two are a contrast.

The word on the tabloid front is that perhaps Hayden Panettiere boob job had something to do with her rumored engagement to the giant Klitschko and her time by the beach in Miami.


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