Does Katy Perry Have Breast Implants?

Katy Perry before and after breast implants

Katy Perry has earned great reputation as an American pop singer. Her career as a singer took off after the release of one of the boys in 2008. other single releases like “I kissed a girl” and “Thinking of you” were good hits among pop lovers all around the world. She has always maintained her figure but recently her appearance at Grammy’s 2013 turned few heads as she showed ample cleavage through her revealing green dress. The Gucci dress had a keyhole cut-out and this put her gravity defying boobs into the limelight. This is the point where people started to speculate about Katy Perry having a boob job. This article might help you unravel a few mysteries about the real facts.

Katy Perry breast implantsAccording to some sources it was not actually a boob job , the dress that she wore that day revealed her bosom. But according to most of the audience she is being speculated as another superstar who has gone under the scissors to enlarge her femininity. Not only did she look gorgeous on the red carpet but she also managed to grab attention of many fellow superstars. Ellen DeGeneres directly ogled at her breasts and showed an expression of shock. She and Portia de Rossi shared few jokes about that and it was clearly evident that everyone present there noticed Katy’s assets. Elton John was not an exception as he smiled while hugging Katy Perry.

Few years back Katy had told a reporter that she “wanted smaller breasts when she was 13 but later realised they were not that bad after all”. Many female stars opting for the easier solution of plastic surgery to attain a voluptuous figure. Some people think that Katy Perry has undergone a breast reshaping surgery, it has made them look much firm and natural. Hence the Katy Perry Breast Implants rumor may not be a complete hoax but she has most probably not undergone a breast implant. The fact that she already had C cup breasts rules out the probability of further implants.

Whatever may be the case, the new look of Katy Perry is surely much more attractive than before. Many people may still quarrel upon the fact she may or may not have undergone surgery but it would take more concrete resources to prove the correctness any of those conclusions. We would be keeping a close eye on her and let you know if anything interesting comes up. keep tuned for more information.

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