Kelly Rowland Waited 10 Years to Get Breast Implants!

Kelly Rowland before and after breast implants

Finally Kelly Rowland came clean about her going under the knife. The former destiny’s child star told shape magazine that after waiting for 10 years she finally made the decision to boost her boob situation. The reason the star waited that long to get a boob job was because her mother and guess who else? Beyonce’s mother! Advised her not to take the enhancing surgery when she first thought of the idea.

Kelly Rowland Breast ImplantsThe Idea first came to Kelly when she was just 18 years of age. I guess the ‘little nuggets’ as she refers to them were not even fully grown then. Thanks to the advice of the most important women in her life, the star decided to delay the procedure for 10 years and finally got it when she was 28 years old. Before going for the more appealing look, Kelly tried on padded bras and walked around in them to get the full idea of how it would feel after the procedure had been completed. As she says “You have to be completely sure of what you are getting into.” The singer confesses that this was just one of the hurdles she had to go through to look better naked. The now 32 year old performer confesses that she was tired of having “little nuggets for breasts” and in 2007 she decided to face the knife and adjust them accordingly.

In her interview, the star also made it clear that her decision to get the breast augmentation was not specifically for her male fans (who I’m sure have no complaints at all) or because of her career but for her on self confidence. To supplement her great chest area the Sexy singer also revealed to US Weekly of her strict exercise, work out and diet (or eating clean as the star best likes to refer to this) regiment that she follows five to six times a week. Without a doubt every part of her body does look like it has been subjected to a good amount of work considering how great she looked on the cover photo of the Shape magazines.

Regardless of the reason why Kelly took the breast implants plastic surgery we all know the people that are happiest that she took the surgery are the male fans. They are also bound to get her more attention especially after the smoking hot picture she took recently for shape magazine. Many more magazine covers are bound to take advantage of her great body especially with the new revelations.

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