Did Kim Kardashian had a Breast Implants Surgery?

Kim Kardashian breast implants

Kim Kardashian has been popular as an American socialite. Her father is a prominent lawyer. Hence, being under media scrutiny has not been new for this girl. As with every celebrity, Kim Kardashian became a good subject for gossip, speculation and rumors. Kim has been under the lens of paparazzi and journalists for a long time. She had been often seen visiting plastic surgeons. Therefore, no one was surprised when news about Kim Kardashian boob job was released to the public.

Kim Kardashian plastic surgeryAccording to rumors, the key ingredient to Kim’s beauty and success has been her visits to plastic surgeons. It is being speculated that Kim Kardashian had a breast implant surgery or boob job. Reports claim that Kim’s breasts started looking more elaborate and denser after her frequent visits to plastic surgeons. According to rumors, Kim had a boob job after she had posed for ‘Complex’ magazine. Kim was upset to see her photographs left untouched on the cover page of the magazine. In other words, professional retouching was absent in the photographs. She wasn’t happy with the way she looked and instantly decided about getting a boob job.

For a long time, Kim Kardashian has been denying that she ever had a boob job. In fact, she even posted her pic from when she was just 14 years old. This pic showing off her voluptuous body at 14 was posted on her own website. Whenever talks about Kim Kardashian boob job arise, she is quick in denying the reports and says that she never had one. According to Kim, she has never been insecure about her breasts. In fact, she wanted a plastic surgery for her nose.

Interestingly, Kim recently appeared in a magazine without cellulite or magnificent breasts. This gave rise to a new gossip that Kim had certainly undergone a boob job. Despite all the gossip surrounding her life, Kim Kardashian has become even more popular in recent years. However, plastic surgeons advise her not to go under the knife, as there is no need for any surgical procedure.

However, just like other Hollywood stars, Kim too wants top ratings and her own desires rise above the sound advice of doctors and her own health. It has already been revealed that she did get a nose job. Moreover, people close to her believe that she has no plans of stopping. As a result, Kim has quickly fallen prey to dependence on plastic surgery. Needless to say, passion for plastic surgery never gives good returns.

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