Has Kourtney Kardashian Undergone a Boob Job?

Kourtney Kardashian before and after breast implants plastic surgery

Born on April 18, 1979, Kourtney Kardashian is a television personality, model and fashion designer born and raised in California, specifically in Los Angeles and is the sister to the now famous Kim Kardashian. Her media attention came to be through her personal friend Paris Hilton back then. Later in 2007, her family participated in the reality television show dubbed Keeping up with the Kardashians. The success of the show saw her get involved in other spin offs which added to her popularity and growth of her retail and fashion industries which in clued clothing and fragrance collections.

Kourtney Kardashian breast implantsWhen it stopped being a rumor and media speculation, the confirmation of Kourtney Kadashian’s boob job and nose job was just like a headline in the reality TV world. While there are multiple celebrity rumors about the number of surgeries Kourtney has been involved in, her confessions only confirm that she has had one surgery which is a boob job. Public opinions would have it that Bruce Jenner’s surgery problems could be a reason to keep Kourtney away from the knife but that was not the case. In fact the facelift her mother got in 2011 was one described as an excellent example of great cosmetic surgery by most experts in the industry.

Kourtney has joined the list of celebrity breast implants but she has admitted that she regrets the impulse that got her choosing to have the boob job at only 22 years of age. She has been quoted saying that the implant was a dumb idea and that it was something that got into her head one day and she made a quick decision to have the breast augmentation. Even with the regrets, Kourtney seems to have kept herself in great shape even after the rigors associated with child birth. This is also a reason for the media speculations that point to possibilities of other types of surgeries that have been done on her.

Though the before and after photos show that she has got a full cup side, it is obvious that motherhood and age have made the augmented breasts appear more natural that they do on some people. She has confessed to feeling uncomfortable and said that if she had researched on breast implants, she would have never gone under the knife to alter her breast. She however remains quiet about any other surgical procedures that the public suspects she might have done to improve on her looks.

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