Mariah Carey Breast Implants

Mariah Carey breast implants

Born on March 27, 1970, Mariah Carey has grown to be one of the best female singers and song writers the world over. In addition to having a great vocal range and performance power, Mariah is a beautiful woman and has many awards under her name. She has made some of the best hits to ever hit the charts and has a wide base of fans all over the world. As she excels in her music, there are visible changes that have been witness on her body and many people wonder if she has had plastic surgeries or it is all about exercise and dieting. Celebrity breast implants articles point to the fact that proves a boob job. Mariah has always been in the forefront defending herself and discrediting the allegations that she has used surgery to enhance her looks. A lot of people still hold to the rumors and media speculations that Mariah could have had a breast implants to improve her looks especially after the birth of her children.

Mariah Carey boob jobThere are many celebrity breast implants before and after pictures and you will not lack Mariah’s. This is because a comparison between a younger Mariah and a recent look tell a different story. Public opinions are always for the idea that there can never be much natural changes when it comes to celebrities and thus they tend to believe in the use of surgery by celebrities to alter their look for the interests of their careers. However, there are many celebrities that have had boob jobs done and ended up looking worse than they did. If Mariah has had her breasts enhanced, then the surgeon must have done a pretty good job on her.

The media speculation about Mariah Carey boob job can be supported by the fact that there are other surgery evidences on her body such as her nose. Since the first time she was spotted by the public in the initial stages of her career, there were changes seen with her face and it is believed that she got a nose job and cheek job to improve on her looks which became better for her high profile life. With that said, you can only see the possibility of Mariah having a boob job to change her looks and though there are people who believe that she is still natural, her photos from back then and now seem to be having a contradiction that tells a different story; a story of a successful boob job.

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