Megan Fox: New Breast Surgery Story

Megan Fox before and after boob job

When Megan Fox became famous because of her roles in several popular movies like Transformers and Jennifer’s Body, she had gained many fans and watchers that criticized the sudden change of her physical appearance. Before her breast augmentation rumors, there are speculations that Megan had some plastic surgery, but she denied and just laughed that she had any cosmetic surgery. That is the reason why many watchers are not surprised with Megan Fox breast implants rumor recently.

Megan Fox breast implantsMajority of watchers said that Megan obviously had a plastic surgery. As a proof, they compare her before and after photos. As results, many concluded that she had a many plastic surgeries including breast augmentation after becoming famous. Some say that bigger breast is a requirement for a particular movie, but this may depend on the character of the actress.

There were speculations that Megan chose breast implants to improve the appearance of her A-cup boobs. She picked large B-cup, but according to recent news, she has undergone another surgery and chose C-cup. The sudden changes of Fox’s breasts were seen by some of her fans while she was enjoying a vacation at one of the beaches in Hawaii with her husband.

However, others don’t believe about the rumors because according to Fox’s statement that she did not get a breast implants and it still does not make sense why there are people who are using such rumors to ruin her good reputation.

So, what do you think are Megan breasts real or not?

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