Miley Cyrus Boob Job

Miley Cyrus alleged boob job and nose job plastic surgery

Born Destiny Hope Cyrus in November 23, 1992, Miley Ray Cyrus is an American recording artist and actress who has become popular in the acting and music industries. Miley is the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus, a country singer and became famous in playing minor roles in the televisions series ‘Big Fish’ and ‘Doc’. She later became popular around the world through appearing in ‘Hannah Montana’, a television series in the Disney channel where she was the main character Miley Stewart. She then joined the music industry has since been releasing hit singles and albums that have done very well globally.

Miley Cyrus boob jobMiley has allegedly planned to go under the knife in a boob job expected to change the way she looks and the way fans look at her. A close source says that Miley would want to have a breast implants so as to make her appear more womanly and make people take her more seriously. Public opinions point to the fact that most people are not in love with her curves and that she lacks the attracting factor that most girls have. It is believed that Miley is quite ashamed of her look and would want breast implants to change into a woman like appearance that commands attention on stage and offstage.

Most people say that she looks like a young boy in her recent videos which is why she is considering getting a curvier look. It is obvious that Miley Cyrus has gone through many changes both behavioral and physical. From the soft spoken child in Hannah Montana, now we have the wild Miley Cyrus who is not ashamed to show off her body. Her new lifestyle requires that she gets a better look and that is why she is considering a change in her boobs through surgery and implants.

It is true that Miley is followed by controversy and popularity is part of her. Recent media speculations state that the young bubbly controversial singer is about to take a step that will alter her looks and most probably a boob job and/or nose job is in that change. We can expect to see a curvier Miley twerking on the next big event but this is not a guarantee. Miley looks at what people say about her online and she believes that a few curves on her body will go a long way in creating a new image and letting her show more of her body without being referred to as a ‘young boy’.

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