Naya Rivera Breast Implants and Other Plastic Surgery Claims

Naya Rivera before and after breast implants plastic surgery

Born in the year 1987, Naya Rivera is an American singer, actress, and model. She gained popularity courtesy of the role that she played in the hit TV series Glee. However, other than the role she has on TV, her name has also it headline due to numerous reports on Naya Rivera breast augmentation, nose job and other numerous plastic surgeries.

Naya Rivera breast augmentation plastic surgeryThe term plastic surgery has of late had a lot of popularity as many celebrities are choosing to take that route to enhance their looks and give their careers a major boost. However, the fact that many people are talking on and on about plastic surgery does not mean that they fully understand what it entails. It is a surgical procedure that is done majorly for cosmetic reasons. It is done in facilities that are safe and by qualified surgeons. Anesthesia is also used to reduce the amount of pain that is felt in the process.

Looking closely at the before and after pictures of the actress Naya Rivera, it is quite clear that she has had cosmetic surgery. You will notice that her nose is a bit more pointed and slender than usual. Many of her fans may defend that saying it is professional makeup at work but what about the following very distinct changes?

According to reviews done on the actress, Naya’s very first surgery was the breast augmentation. You could choose to disregard public opinion on this, but if you compare her pictures in 2009 and those taken in the year 2011, you will notice a massive difference in her breast size. In 2009 her chest is almost flat but come 2011, she has full breasts, solid proof that she must have undergone surgery. An even closer look at her pictures and you will notice that her cheeks as well as lips are fuller. However, many dismiss the claim that she has been injected by dermal fillers stating that the reason behind this is the makeup that she has on. However, a doctor that was interviewed stated that the fullness that she has cannot be achieved by makeup only, and that she must have had dermal fillers to allow them to be that full.

Naya Rivera before and after nose job plastic surgery

However, despite the nose job and breast implants plastic surgery rumors that are doing rounds, Naya has remained silent on the truthfulness behind the claims. They therefore up to date remain as that, rumors. However, in general, Naya Rivera plastic surgeries have served her well as they are moderate and performed well within the comfort zone of her body allowing her to retain a natural look, more or less.

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