Christina Aguilera’s Breast Implants – The Secret Of Her Boobylicious Beauty

Did Christina Aguilera Get Breast Implants

Christina Aguilera is an eminent, talented and celebrated American singer, songwriter and television personality. She is noted for her powerful voice, melodious songs, incredible music videos and constant reinvention of her image. Christina Aguilera has always been the talk of the town ever since her breast implants. Celebrities always have a pressure to remain young, fit and ageless. So some famous stars go under the knife to achieve this boobylicious richness and beauty. Read more

Does Katy Perry Have Breast Implants?

Katy Perry before and after breast implants

Katy Perry has earned great reputation as an American pop singer. Her career as a singer took off after the release of one of the boys in 2008. other single releases like “I kissed a girl” and “Thinking of you” were good hits among pop lovers all around the world. She has always maintained her figure but recently her appearance at Grammy’s 2013 turned few heads as she showed ample cleavage through her revealing green dress. The Gucci dress had a keyhole cut-out and this put her gravity defying boobs into the limelight. This is the point where people started to speculate about Katy Perry having a boob job. This article might help you unravel a few mysteries about the real facts. Read more

Taylor Swift Boob Job, a Deal Breaker?

Taylor Swift before and after breast implants

Taylor Swift was born on December 13, 1989, in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania. At age 5, she has already started creating songs. When she was 16, she released her debut album. She then made hits like “Love Song” and “You Belong with Me.” Eventually, she became an icon singer for both country and pop song lovers. She has also won several awards including a Grammy. She was even a cover for several magazines. Read more

Did Selena Gomez Really Get Breast Implants?

Selena Gomez Boob Job before and after pictures

Selena Marie Gomez is a famous American actress and singer who had made her debut as a very talented child actress in Barney and Friends. She had also various TV appearances as an actress aside from her singer career. Since being famous also means involving in many controversies, Selena Gomez is just one of the most famous celebrities nowadays who have rumored to have various plastic surgeries to enhance her body including breast augmentation plastic surgery. Read more

Did Blake Lively Breast Augmentation Improved Her Look?

Blake Lively before and after breast implants plastic surgery

There are rumors and controversies regarding Blake Lively breast implants and fans are being divided in terms of personal thoughts and point of views regarding this issue. Despite the differences in views and opinions, it is inevitable that some celebrities are going for breast augmentation to improve their looks, uplift their confidence and to remain young, fit and gorgeous. Aside from her popularity as a celebrity, Blake Lively’s name takes the spot light because of the breast implants issues. The plastic surgery rumor makes this “Gossip Girl” star even more famous. Read more

Megan Fox: New Breast Surgery Story

Megan Fox before and after boob job

When Megan Fox became famous because of her roles in several popular movies like Transformers and Jennifer’s Body, she had gained many fans and watchers that criticized the sudden change of her physical appearance. Before her breast augmentation rumors, there are speculations that Megan had some plastic surgery, but she denied and just laughed that she had any cosmetic surgery. That is the reason why many watchers are not surprised with Megan Fox breast implants rumor recently. Read more

Spreading Gossip About Nicki Minaj Breast Implants

Nicki Minaj showing her boob job

Nicki Minaj has been one of the most popular celebrity singers who provided great impact to the music industry in today’s generation. Just like any other popular celebrities, Nicki has started her career from the low phase. Due to her natural skills on rapping, she has grown as one of the very attractive and popular singers of the recent times. However, there is a spreading gossip about Nicki Minaj breast implants. Read more

Paris Hilton Transformation After Breast Augmentation surgery

Paris Hilton before and after breast implants

Cosmetic surgeries have been one of the best and easiest ways for women to attain their desired body, and it is the primary reason why many women are investing so much in these cosmetic surgeries. Most celebrities nowadays are going for a boob job that is essential in enhancing the beauty of their body, particularly their breasts. It is now extremely common among the many celebrities to engage in different plastic surgeries. One of the most famous celebrities in Hollywood nowadays that most people are talking about with regard to boob job is none other than Paris Hilton. Most people have noticed the increased size of her breasts, and this then sparked the rumors about Paris Hilton breast augmentation. Read more

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