Tara Reid Transformation After Breast Implants

Tara Reid breast augmentation gone wrong

When it comes to examples of poor boob jobs, it doesn’t get worse than a sartorial slip when attending a birthday party of a big music star, (talk about stealing the spotlight). Tara Reid, famous actress popular for her role in American pie, where she played a sexy yet sweet lady, was the unfortunate victim of a botched boob job. In her early 30’s, Tara decided to go for the best body money can buy. 

Tara Reid breast implants plastic surgeryShe went under the knife and had a liposuction and then afterwards a boob job. Unfortunately, this woman does not seem to have any luck with plastic surgery, and her liposuction left her stomach looking almost 10 years older than the rest of her body. Her stomach now looks saggy and lumpy and is definitely not worth the money she paid for it.

As if to try and rectify her liposuction mistake, Tara went back for a breast implants plastic surgery to make her breast firmer and bigger than they were currently. Luck was not on her side this time either and she ended up with long, saggy boobs that give the impression she is almost 50 years old. Her ill-fated incident at Diddy’s 35th birthday party gave the paparazzi a field day. Soon the internet was a buzz, and pictures of her ’nip slip’ were plastered over every social platform.

If you are considering getting breast enlargements, then you should learn a valuable lesson from Tara. There are a variety of ways of getting a breast enlargement and one of the most popular being having them inserted around the areola. This usually makes the boobs look firmer and perkier when done right. However, if you do not get a great doctor who knows what they are doing, then you may end up like this unfortunate star.

As if she has a magnet for bad luck, Tara’s botched boobs were revealed to the world on an NYC red carpet a couple of years back, when her dress slipped off her shoulders. (talk about poor timing). This once beautiful woman seems to be more popular for her botched surgeries than she is for her acting career.

According to her, she underwent breast surgery because she had a medical chest problem. Her right breast was larger than her left, and she went in to have that rectified. However, instead of compensating for her unbalanced look, Tara seems to have gone and sold a couple of years to plastic surgery. If you are ever in the market for a poster girl for bad plastic surgery, Tara should definitely make the shortlist.

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