Taylor Swift Boob Job, a Deal Breaker?

Taylor Swift before and after breast implants

Taylor Swift was born on December 13, 1989, in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania. At age 5, she has already started creating songs. When she was 16, she released her debut album. She then made hits like “Love Song” and “You Belong with Me.” Eventually, she became an icon singer for both country and pop song lovers. She has also won several awards including a Grammy. She was even a cover for several magazines.

WTaylor Swift breast implantsell, Taylor has established herself as a cute and flawlessly beautiful country girl. However, just like many other country girls who were sucked into fame of Hollywood, Taylor allegedly gave up to the pressure and did some surgical enhancements to change her looks. Hence, she had a breast augmentation. Just last April, in one of her public appearances, people noticed the change in the size of her boobs. They said that she went from having an A cup to a B cup. In fact, some other doctors believe that she has just moved from A to C!

Aside from Taylor Swift breast augmentation, other people believe that she has also gone through a nose job and baby fat removal. However, her breast implants are the most outstanding. Thus, this is most talked about in the entertainment world.

The Effects of Taylor Swift and Her Decision to Have a Breast implants

A lot of people think that her decision to go through the knife had a really bad impact especially for those who are a big fan of her natural beauty. When she first came out with her album at 16, she got instant popularity not just because of her amazing voice, but of her very beautiful face and sexy figure. Thus, for her to have resorted for this enhancement just because she wanted to fit in the Hollywood standards, turned some people off. They believe that she should have been satisfied with her natural curves as it was already pleasing.

Her decision to go for such changes also made some parents sort of hate her. They thought that she could be a role model for her daughters. She was always an example of success despite being such a simple beauty. She has also maintained her wholesome image all throughout her career. Thus, this move was such a deal breaker for many.

Whether she has really gone through the time or not, it is her decision to go through the procedures or not. People just hope that she will no longer do any other alterations on her body or face because she is already beautiful just the way she is!

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